Quality and sustainability


From the day it was founded, TMA is committed to satisfying the demands and expectations of our clients, offering quality services. We also want to ensure that we are environmentally friendly by constantly improving our processes.
In line with this philosophy, we have developed a Quality and Sustainability Management System that meets the requisites of all clients, law and regulations based on norms
UNE-EN-ISO-9001:2015 y UNE-EN-ISO-14001:2015.

Through their implementation TMA ensures the ongoing improvement of the services provided to increase the satisfaction of our clients and the reduction on the impact that our activities may have on the environment.

This strategic stake is based on five fundamental cornerstones that constitute our QUALITY AND SUSTAINABILITY POLICY:

Meeting the requisites to ensure the satisfaction of the parties involved and earning their loyalty; in order to do so we work with the highest diligence in the consignation tasks, controlling the unload and delivery of goods to a high standard and being punctual in the road transportation of the same.

An active respect for the environment, preventing pollution, managing waste correctly and optimising the consumption of scarce natural resources originated from our activity.

The awareness and ongoing training of our staff, paying special attention to everything related to the health and safety of our associates. Striving to learn new technologies and demands both legal and market related.

Using the process risk evaluation methodology to prevent potential deviations or no-conformities of the system.

The fulfilment of the whole legislation, generic and specific, that applies to the development of our activities and other requirements endorsed by the company.

The direction of the company.

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